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    Kaqun Gel

    Kaqun is also a Gel for topical application. Kaqun Gels incorporate the highly penetrating Oxygen clusters of Kaqun technology with specific but unique healing properties. When the oxygen content of the skin increases, the repair mechanisms within are replenished and renewed. The skin regains flexibility, becoming more lively and radiant. The magic of youth returns.
  • PERFORM BETTER! What does it mean? The consumption of the Kaqun water increases the tissue oxygen level of the body - proven by preliminary pre-studies/studies*
    • Better Performance
    • Faster Muscle recovery
    • Better Physical Activity
    The intensity of the effect depends on the dosage / scheduling. According to our experiments drinking 1/2 liter Kaqun water before workout will significantly increase the tissue oxygen level of the body* Recommended consumption of Kaqun drinking water for sportmen: 1/2 liter Kaqun drinking water before exercise - 1/2 Kaqun drinking water during exercise - 1/2 Kaqun drinking water after exercise. Do not consume after 5pm unless late night activity is scheduled otherwise sleeplessness can occur. Do not drink more than 2 liters per day, do not freeze or boil, not recommended for making coffee or hot tea.  Kaqun is not recommended to be your only source of drinking water! There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production of Kaqun water. Our products are doping-free!
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