Kaqun Oxygenated Water (8 pack)

Kaqun Oxygenated Water (8 pack)



What does it mean?

The consumption of the Kaqun water increases the tissue oxygen level of the body – proven by preliminary pre-studies/studies*

  • Better Performance
  • Faster Muscle recovery
  • Better Physical Activity

The intensity of the effect depends on the dosage / scheduling. According to our experiments drinking 1/2 liter Kaqun water before workout will significantly increase the tissue oxygen level of the body*

Recommended consumption of Kaqun drinking water for sportmen: 1/2 liter Kaqun drinking water before exercise – 1/2 Kaqun drinking water during exercise – 1/2 Kaqun drinking water after exercise.

Do not consume after 5pm unless late night activity is scheduled otherwise sleeplessness can occur.

Do not drink more than 2 liters per day, do not freeze or boil, not recommended for making coffee or hot tea.  Kaqun is not recommended to be your only source of drinking water! There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production of Kaqun water.
Our products are doping-free!


Kaqun Drinking Water



Medical scientific research results

Made of spring water with extremely high purity

Low mineral content

Alkaline reaction

High oxygen content

Does not contain preservatives, flavourings and any other additives

PH value of KAQUN water: 7.1-8.0

Total mineral dissolved substance content: 180-220mg/l


Recommended amount to be consumed (daily)

To preserve health: 0,5 litre

In case of chronic illnesses: 0,75–1 litre

In case of excessive mental burden: 1 litre

In case of a weak immune system: 1–1,5 litre

For sportsmen: 1,5–2 litre

For children, pregnant and nursing mothers: 0,2–0,5 litre

The regular consumption of KAQUN water widely enhances life – strengthens the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of the body.


KAQUN water is the only – currently known – water, which is available both in bottled form and as a bath, and has medical scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers.

KAQUN water is such a unique, new development, which is able to cease the hypoxia, namely the state of lack of oxygen in the body without side-effects due to its high bound oxygen content. This water is made by a special treatment, which offers scientifically proven beneficial oxygen absorption qualities for the body.


During production chemicals are not used.
There is no high pressure oxygen intake from an external source!

It reduces the mental and physical tiredness, because it reduces the lack of oxygen in the body within a short period of time.

With the regular consumption of KAQUN water – due to its high oxygen content – you input oxygen enhancing the regeneration of cells directly to the body. Consequently, KAQUN water is not mineral water in the classical sense. The following characteristics significantly differentiate it from mineral water: the very low mineral substance content, the high degree of purity, the high oxygen content produced by a special treatment. Its regular consumption detoxicates, refreshes, energises, reduces tiredness, increases performance, alkalifies the body, enhances the oxygen transporting capacity of blood. It enhances the quality of life, it can increase your performance, the fitness of sportsmen, and it exerts its beneficial effect in the state of lack of oxygen occurring in flight, as well.

KAQUN has been shown to reduce mental and physical tiredness, since it replenishes oxygen to the cellular environment within a short period of time.

KAQUN water is not your typical mineral water. In fact it possesses low mineral concentration, but has undergone first a purification process. By way of the hyper-oxygenation process of KAQUN, regular consumption has been shown to detoxify, refresh, energize, as well as increasing performance qualities. 
KAQUN enhances the quality of life.