Menopause Homeopathic Remedy for Hot Flashes

Menopause Homeopathic Remedy for Hot Flashes


Excellent homeopathic remedy for menopause, hot flashes.


WALA Medicines

Rhythmised natural substances

What exactly was it about WALA medicines that elicited such enthusiasm among doctors as far back as 1935? Without a doubt, it was the rhythmic manufacturing process used to prepare the medicinal herbs. Of equal importance is the fact that each individual product is carefully composed of natural substances. WALA medicines were developed by a committed group of doctors – initially led by Dr. med. Ita Wegman, and later by Dr. med. Margarethe Hauschka. Given their involvement in anthroposophy, they took a different approach to that of conventional medicine: the aim of the final composition was to help the organism to heal itself, thereby allowing the body, soul and spirit to recover. Studies have confirmed the intrinsic value of this approach and the effectiveness of anthroposophic medicine. Today, over 110 million people in Europe put their trust in complementary medicine. Today, the WALA range of medicines contains some 900 different remedies for both acute and chronic ailments, including many self-medication products, for example stomach and bowel remedies, eye and ear drops, remedies for colds and flu, medication for injuries and much more besides.