Health Optimizing Global has studied and continues to study new medical technologies as they come to market to ensure that we have the best combination of devices to take you from health screening to optimal health all under the one roof. We use a combination of medical devices from around the World and the secret here is that together the synergy of using a combination of the technologies can bring you optimal results fast. We can treat all sorts of conditions including those that have been unexplained to you. We can also treat injuries and pain and help you optimize you health and energy so that you can maximize your potential to feel great. Our treatments are safe and natural, they support the body and stimulate self healing. We will advise you on what combination of treatments will suit you best so don’t worry about knowing what to book in for, just let us know your condition and we’ll take it from there. Call or email for a free consultation today.

Ion Therapy  (PEMF)

€35 per area

This device is mostly used for any kind of pain, injuries including broken bones, torn ligaments or tendons, frozen shoulder, arthritic pain. It is also good to treat inflammation and to stimulate a sluggish organ/body part by charging the cell membrane and it is just like charging a battery. We can increase the dielectric properties of the cell membrane by increasing the cell voltage. Exchanging ions is needed for self-healing. It is difficult to fix chronic inflammation for example, if the cell voltage is low. This device can fix it in a 9 minute treatment. It is very quick and effective. Of course you must also look at the causative factors, why you have chronic inflammation for example but we can find that information out using the initial health screening and see to that to ensure the healing holds.To increase the cell-voltage we need a lot of power. This device found a way to safely bring an extreme charge to the body. Nano pulses. There is no tissue absorption of nanopulses. When the cell voltage is low, those cell membranes absorb the voltage. 27,000 volts!! The field goes straight through the body unless there is low cell voltage. It is very safe. It creates a pulsating effect, even bone pulses, which results in broken bones healing 3 times faster. When boosted the body has better capacity to respond to the other treatments. At this point we move on to the next treatment device.

  • Same-day appointments whenever possible

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Cell Regulating Mattress


After increasing the cell voltage with the PEMF device, cells can now exchange ions better. There are many computerised programs on this device to choose from, we can set programs to activate your cellular activity if you have muscle or joint pain or low cellular activity in an area. It also treats conditions like Asthma, Insomnia, Diabetes, Pain, Psoriasis, Autoimmune, Acne, Arthritis, Burn out, Fatigue, Ulcerative Colitis, Edema, Gout, Herniated disc, Menopause, Migraines, Polyneuropathy, Tennis Elbow etc. It helps regulate the exchange of ions. It has a mattress with a flat coil so we can create an electromagnetic field. The coil is shielded which absorbs the electric so only the magnetic passes through the body. Here we can stimulate sodium and potassium ions to boost cellular activity because they stimulate the mitochondria of the cell which in turn produces more ATP (the cells’ fuel) You can initially use it to fix problems and then carry on to use it at a different setting to optimise the body on a cellular level to feel more energised, work hard, play hard.

  • Same-day appointments whenever possible