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Insulin resistance and Pregnancy


Insulin resistance and Pregnancy Conception is not just the sperm meeting an egg but in high insight everything in the female body should be normal and optimum at a hormonal level for the process to even begin. These not only involves the fertility hormones but other hormones as well which can affect fertility [...]

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How Do You Know Whether You Have A Food Intolerance?


It might be a Food Intolerance Do you feel you are so fatigued that it’s impossible for you to get up in the morning and leave your bed? Or is it that you are always irritable? Or perhaps sometimes you’re a bit bloated and a little crampy or you get heartburn soon after [...]

How Do You Know Whether You Have A Food Intolerance?2018-07-31T19:25:50+00:00

You May Not Need Thyroid Medication


You May Not Need Thyroid Medication Low-energy, depression, weight gain and thinning hair With 123 million prescriptions in 2016, levothyroxine tops the charts as the most-prescribed drug. But a growing stack of research suggests this super-popular thyroid medication could also be one of the nation’s most over-prescribed pills—particularly for older adults and women with subclinical [...]

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